Museum Staff

Please send all loan, data, and visitor inquiries to Peter Oboyski

Rosemary Gillespie, Director
gillespie[at], 510-642-3445

Peter Oboyski, Assistant Director / Collections Manager[at], 510-643-0804

Jerry Powell, Director Emeritus
powellj[at], 510-643-0804

Roberta Brett, Museum Scientist / Curatorial Assistant

Casey Hubble, Museum Scientist / Curatorial Assistant
cwhubble[at], 510-643-0804

Deanna Jackson, Museum Scientist / Outreach Coordinator
oxyjack[at], 510-643-0804

Natalie Graham, Graduate Student Curator

Allan Cabrero, Graduate Student Curator

Andre Szejner Sigal, Graduate Student Curator


Faculty Affiliates

Robert Dudley, Professor IB.
Curator of Insect Biomechanics
Research Interests: Insect flight biomechanics, the origins of aerial behavior in hexapods, and the ecophysiology of butterfly migrations.
wings[at], (510) 642-1555

Paul Fine Assistant Professor IB.
Curator of Neotropical Phytophagous Insect Ecology and Evolution.
Research Interests: Phytophagous insects on the plant family Burseraceae and phytophagous insect communities of forests in Peru, Brazil and French Guiana.
paulfine[at], (510) 642-7690

Brian Fisher, Curator of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences.
Research Interests: Systematics and taxonomy of Ants

Gordon Frankie, Professor ESPM.
Curator of California Bee Pollinator Systems.
Research Interests: Native bee-flower-people relationships and pollination ecology in urban, agricultural, and wild lands and bee taxonomy.
gwfrankie[at], (510) 642-0973

Robert Full, Professor IB.
Curator of Insect Comparative Biomechanics.
Research Interests: Arthropod locomotion as it relates to a structure, physiology, and behavior.
Rjfull[at], (510) 642-9896

Charles Griswold, Emeritus Curator of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences
Research Interests: Systematics and taxonomy of Spiders

David Kavanaugh, Emeritus Curator of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences
Research Interests: Systematics and taxonomy of Coleoptera

Robert Lane, Professor of the Graduate School.
Curator of Ticks and other Medically Important Arthropods.
Research Interests: Biology of ticks, and the ecology epidemiology and prevention of tick—borne diseases, particularly Lyme disease.
blane[at], (510) 642-4385

Vernard Lewis, Cooperative Extension Specialist Emeritus.
Curator of Household and Structural Insect Pests.
Research Interest: Urban insect pests, particularly, termites and bed bugs, especially the testing of the latest detection and control techniques.
urbanpests[at], (510) 665-6724

Nicholas Mills, Professor ESPM.
Curator of Biological Control.
Research Interests: Invasive species, biological control, population ecology and insect biology.
nmills[at], (510) 642-1711

Jerry Powell, Professor of the Graduate School
Curator of Lepidoptera
Research Interests: biodiversity, taxonomy, and systematics of insects, especially microlepidoptera.
powellj[at], (510) 643-0804

Alexander Purcell, Professor Emeritus ESPM.
Curator of Insect Plant Disease Vectors.
Research Interests: Microbial ecology of sap—feeding insects with respect to insect vectors of bacterial plant pathogens, bacterial symbionts and pathogens of Hemiptera.
ahpurcell[at], (510) 457-8443

Vincent Resh, Professor Emeritus ESPM.
Curator of Aquatic Insects.
Research Interests: Evolutionary biology and ecology of aquatic insects.
resh[at], (510) 642-7363

George Roderick, Professor ESPM
Curator of Invasive Arthropods.
Research Interest: Invasion biology, population biology, global change.
roderick[at], (510) 643-3326

Neil Tsutsui, Professor ESPM.
Curator of Genetics, Chemical Ecology, and Behavior of Social Insects.
Research Interests: The evolution of communication and behavior of ants and bees. Origin and spread of invasive species.
ntsutsui[at], (510) 642-9012

Kipling Will, Associate Professor ESPM
Curator of Carabidae (Coleoptera).
Research Interests: Systematics, Chemical Ecology, Biogeography.
kipwill[at], 510-642-4296

Caroline Williams, Assistant Professor IB.
Curator of Insect Functional Ecology and Physiology.
Research Interests: Mechanisms and consequences of insect responses to emerging winter environments.
cmw[at], (510) 643-9775

Research Affiliates

Elizabeth Arias, Chilean Arthropod Diversity

Cheryl Barr, Aquatic Coleoptera

Paul DaSilva, California insects

Curtis Ewing, Coleoptera, Insect-plant interactions, Forest Entomology

Maxim Klepikov, Microlepidoptera, European Lepidoptera

Matthew Medeiros, Pacific Islands Lepidoptera

Gordon Nishida, Orthoptera, Biodiversity Informatics

Jaime Pawelek, Bee (Apoidea) taxonomy and ecology

Carolina E. Reisenman, Insect Neuroscience and Behavior, insect-plant interactions, vector biology

Paul Rude, Diptera

William Shepard, Aquatic Insects

Kathy Schick, Biology and systematics of gall wasps (Cynipidae)

Alan Smith-Pardo, Bee (Apoidea) biology and taxonomy

Bob Zuparko, Biology and taxonomy of Eulophidae (Chalcidoidea)


Current Interns, Volunteers, and URAPs

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Past Interns, Volunteers, and URAPs

Chris Amy
Liam Bucsko
Beatrice Bui
Kristy Cappelli
Kevin Chung
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Timothy Corpuz
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University of California students trained at the Essig Museum have become leaders in the field of entomology at museums and universities throughout the world, and the list reads like a Who’s Who in Entomology: Peter Ashlock, Richard Bohart, Donald Bright Jr., John Brown, Donald Burdick, John Burns, John Chemsak, John Doyen, Deane Furman, Wayne Gagne, Rosser Garrison, J. Linsley Gressit, Charles Griswold, James Haddock, Kenneth Hagen, Jon Herring, Yu-Feng Hsu, Paul Hurd, Daniel Janzen, Clarence Johnson, Robert Lane, John Lattin, John Lawrence, James Liebherr, E. Gorton Linsley, Evert Lindquist, Don MacNeill, Ronald McGinley, Charles Michener, Charles & Lois O’Brien, Paul Opler, Jerry Powell, Frank Radovsky, Arthur Raske, David Rentz, Fred Rindge, Edward Ross, Jerome Rozen, Constantine Slobodchikoff, Ray Smith, John Sorensen, Wallace Steffan, Catherine Tauber, Robbin Thorp, William Turner, Robert Usinger, Natalia Vandenberg, Robert van den Bosch, David Voegtlin, David Wagner, Marius Wasbauer, Robert Wharton, James Whitfield, Elwood Zimmerman.

John A. Chemsak (1932-2007)

Edward O. Essig (1884-1964)

Jerry A. Powell

Evert Schlinger