Graduate Students

Jessica Aguilar (Whiteman Lab) Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Computational Biology of insect-plant interactions

Monica Donegan (Almeida Lab) Arthropod-borne plant pathogens

Kailey Ferger (Tsutsui Lab)

Dilar Haji (Whiteman Lab) Resistance to toxins, convergent evolution, genomics, plant specialization

Amelia Harvey (Tsutsui Lab) Ant ecology and evolution

Sara Herrejon Chavez (Boots Lab)

Fatima Hidalgo (Full Lab) Biomechanics and physiology of terrestrial locomotion

Ellen Hollstien (Gillespie/Roderick Lab)

Anna Holmquist (Gillespie/Roderick Lab) Ecology and evolution of Sulawesi (Indonesia) spiders

Leke Hutchins (Gillespie/Roderick Lab) Understanding how native biodiversity can persist within agroecosystems in Hawaiʻi

Alexandra Kahn (Almeida Lab) Arthropod-borne plant pathogens

Leah Lee (Dudley Lab) Biomechanics of insect flight

Leslie McGinnis (Gillespie/Roderick Lab) ∫eetle responses to climate change in the Sierra Nevada

Lourenco Martins (Williams Lab) cold tolerance, genomics, eco-physiology, species distribution, genome plasticity

Kathy Nagel (Gillespie/Roderick Lab)

Sean Perez (Will Lab) Ecology and evolution of Carabid beetles

Andrew Saintsing (Full Lab) Biomechanics and physiology of terrestrial locomotion, respirometry, videography

Nina Sokolov (Boots Lab) Disease ecology, community ecology, crop pollination, virus transmission, Apoidea

Hiromu Suzuki (Whiteman Lab) Evolution of insect-plant interactions

Rebecca Tarnopol (Whiteman Lab) Evolution of insect-plant interactions

Rachel Weinberg (Tsutsui Lab) Ants and ascidians



Seira Ashley Adams (Gillespie Lab) Chemical ecology and reproductive isolation in Hawaiian Tetragnatha spiders (Araneae: Tetragnathidae)

Jeremy Anderson (Mills Lab) Population genetics and insect-plant interactions [ResearchGate] [LinkedIn]

Brad Balukjian (Gillespie Lab) Arthropods on islands. Plant bugs (Miridae) of French Polynesia

Dylan Beal (Almeida Lab) Ecology of insect-borne plant diseases

Erin Brandt (Elias Lab) Natural and sexual selection in jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae).

Becca Brunner (Kremen Lab) Ecosystem services, conservation, biodiversity, and human health

Allan Cabrero (Will Lab) Systematics and parasitoid evolution of bee flies (Bombyliidae)

Sofia Chang (Koehl Lab) Biomechanics of mosquito flight (Diptera: Culicidae)

Meghan Culpepper (Will Lab) Systematics and evolution of Scaphinotus ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Joan Ball-Damerow (Resh Lab) Distribution changes of California aquatic insects, particularly Odonata

Sara Emery (Mills Lab) Indirect Interactions, Parasitoid Food Webs and Dispersal in Disturbed Landscapes, Host Selection

Ignacio Escalante (Elias Lab) Motor performance of spiders (Araneae) and harvestmen (Opiliones)

Natalie Graham (Gillespie Lab) Parasitoid-host ecological networks in Hawaiian ecosystems

Aidee Guzman (Kremen Lab) Conservation, agriculture, and ecosystem services

Madeline Girard (Rosenblum Lab) Communication and sexual selection in peacock spiders (Araneae: Salticidae: Maratus)

Kari Goodman (Roderick Lab) Population genetics and phylogenetics

Traci Grzymala (Will Lab) Taxonomy and systematics of the beetle family Aderidae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea) [ResearchGate] [LindedIn]

Jennifer Imamura (Roderick Lab) Hawaiian flower visitors

Emily Kearney (Kremen Lab) Cacao pollination system

Benji Kessler (Elias Lab) Sensory ecology, sexual selection, and speciation in jumping spiders

Adrian Lu (Kremen Lab) Ecosystem services, conservation, and policy

Susan Kennedy (Gillespie Lab) Niche differentiation in adaptive radiation, diet & microhabitat preferences in Hawaiian spiders

Athena Lam (Roderick Lab) Population Connectivity, Biogeography, New Guinea Diving Beetles, Next Generation Sequencing

Ana Lyons (Williams Lab) Biochemical mechanisms and evolution of cold tolerance in tardigrades

Kevi Mace-Hill (Mills Lab)

Lisa Hunt (Resh Lab) Aquatic ecology, hydrology, pesticide ecotoxicology, sustainable agriculture

Jun Ying Lim (Gillespie/Marshall Labs) Community assembly in Hawaiian arthropods

Patina Mendez (Resh Lab) Aquatic ecology

Nina Pak (Tsutsui Lab) Ecology, evolution and phylogeny of Canacidae (Beach Flies)

Julianne Pelaez (Whiteman Lab) Gustatory evolution, chemical ecology, neurophysiology, genetics/genomics

Michael G. Peterson (Resh Lab) Population biology of aquatic insects

Lauren C. Ponisio (Kremen Lab) Mechanisms operating in complex systems that underlie diversity maintenance [ResearchGate] [LinkedIn]

Cecilia Prator (Almeida Lab) Transmission of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 by Planococcus ficus

Maggie Raboin (Elias Lab) Mound-building behavior in mason spiders.

Kevin Roberts (Williams Lab) Environmental influence of population-level genetic composition

Christine Rivera (Elias Lab) Behavioral Ecology, Evolution, Sexual Selection, Jumping Spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)

Rebecca Sandidge (Tsutusi Lab) Behavioral ecology of ants

Kelsey Schekle (Tsutsui Lab) Behavioral ecology of wood ants (Formica spp.)

Natalie Stauffer-Olsen (Resh & O’Grady Lab) Aquatic ecology

Andre Szejner (Williams Lab) Overwintering adaptations, ecophysiology of ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae)

Maria Tonione (Tsutsui Lab) Evolutionary forces that shape diversification and the genomics of adaptation in Prenolepis ants

Rakim Turnipseed (Roderick Lab) Theoretical and applied aspects of invasion ecology

Matt Van Dam (Will Lab) Biogeography and phylogenetics of sand-dune arthropods

Lisa Treidel (Williams Lab) Energy efficiency and trade-offs in life history evolution

Kirsten Virster (Whiteman Lab) Genetic and molecular basis of phenotype evolution

Elisa Visher (Boots Lab) Infectious disease evolution, coevolution of niche breadth, diversity, experimental evolution, insect model systems

Laura Ward (Mills Lab) Wild Bee Conservation & Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture

Brian Whyte (Tsutsui Lab) Social Evolution. Ecology of social organisms. Argentine ant supercolonies