ARANEAE (spiders)

Spiders of California: Hosted by Steve Lew (last updated in 2004). From the website, “In 1979 Steve Johnson made a list of all spiders known from California. He had essentially unlimited literature resources as a graduate student of B. J. Kaston, and also benefited from the expert assistance of Wendell Icenogle. I began this website by digitizing his list as reformatted by Donald Boe in 1989, with lab support form Rosemary Gillespie and coding assistance from Chris Seidel. As time permits I update the list using more recent publications and personal communication from skilled collectors known to me.”


LEPIDOPTERA (moths & butterflies)

Annotated list of California microlepidoptera – J.A. Powell & F.-Y. Hsu. A compilation of taxonomic and distributional information for the microlepidoptera of California over a several year period through 1994, and updated through 2004 for all taxa. This list is a background to biological studies and local inventories by the authors and should be considered a work in progress.

California Counties Moth Database: A searchable list of vouchered collection records from all moth species from each California county. Records do not necessarily represent the first record of a species from a given county. Included in the database are locality, date, and collector. This database has been compiled by Kelly Richers since 1996 as a resource to better survey and understand California moths. Data has been taken from a variety of sources, including published references and collections. Sources of data are listed here. Abbreviations in the data are listed here.

Moths of America North of Mexico (Mona) – California Species: a searchable list of species from the MONA checklist known to occur in California. 


Arthropods of French Polynesia: a compilation by Gordon Nishida of distribution records gleaned from publications.