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1 Legs extensively darkened; F1 quadrate or only slightly longer than broad   … ambigua
1’ Legs (including coxae) completely light; F1 elongate, length almost 2x width ….. sp. 1


Sp. 1: Imperial, Orange, Riverside (UCDC, UCRC)


Described Nearctic species and distribution

ambigua (Nees, 1834): Probably introduced MEX & USA (CA, IN, PA)



This species is distributed throughout Europe and Asia. It has not been recorded from Australia, Africa or South America, and in only limited places in North America, suggesting that it is an Old World species that has adventitiously spread to the New World and New Zealand. Noyes (1988) noted that the four then known nominal species of Lamennaisia may all be synonymous, but later (2016) listed five extant species.



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