Golden Bear Harpaline Beetles

The California Conservation Genomics Project (CCGP) is a state-funded initiative with a single goal: to produce the most comprehensive, multispecies, genomic data set ever assembled to help manage regional biodiversity. The CCGP brings together many of California’s leading experts working at the interface of genomics and conservation science to provide decision makers with a coordinated, synthetic collection of cutting-edge genomic resources and analyses specifically targeted to inform best conservation decisions in the face of rapidly accelerating species declines resulting from habitat loss and climate change.

Professor Kip Will is looking for Golden Bear harpaline beetles (Dicheirus spp.) alive or in 90-100% EtOH. *No more than 2 specimens of a given species from a single locality, with lat/long data and date. Recognition: Reddish-brown to nearly black, very hairy beetles 10-20 mm long. See details below.