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Females and males

1 Foreleg all yellow; female forewing with 1-2 hairlines basal of linea calva (male with 1 and a partial second hairline), bare space distinct; male scape yellow …..…. mitratus
1’ Foreleg with coxa and femur medially dark; female forewing with 2-3 hairlines basal of linea calva (male with 1-2), bare space greatly reduced; male scape dark … tiliaris


Nearctic species and distribution

mitratus (Dalman, 1820): CAN (BC); USA (CA, NM, UT, WA, WI)
tiliarus (Dalman, 1820): USA (CA)



Dalman, J.W. 1820. Försök till Uppställning af Insect-familjen Pteromalini, I synnerhet med afseen de på de I Sverige funne Arter (Fortsättning). Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens Handlingar 41: 123-174, 177-182, 340-385.