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1 Funicle 6-segmented, club without spicula, wings maculated, at least some tibia with darkened areas ….………………………………………………………………… sp. 1
1’ Funicle 5-segmented, club with pronounced spicula, wings hyaline, tibia yellow…sp. 2


Sp. 1 Alameda, Alpine, Contra Costa, Lassen, Marin, Nevada, Plumas, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Sonoma, Tehama, Riverside, Tuolumne (CAS, EMEC, RLZC, SBNHM, UCRC)
Sp. 2  Fresno, Ventura (RLZC), Nevada, Sierra (UCD), Riverside, San Bernardino (UCR)


Described Nearctic species and distribution
americana Timberlake, 1926: USA (ND, SD, UT)



Noyes (2016), citing Manickavasagam & Rameshkumar (2012),  reported M. procera (Mercet, 1921) from the United States, but the latter paper did not in fact do so. My “sp. 1” is similar to M. americana, but the frontovertex is wider and F6 more quadrate. A single specimen from Contra Costa County (CAS) has the mesopleura and gaster orangish, which initially led me to consider it as another species. But the specimen had been preserved in alcohol for about 30 years before it was point-mounted, and I now treat it as my “sp. 1”, assuming the color difference is due to bleaching from the long immersion in alcohol. Specimens of M. americana (which may be fully winged or brachypterus) in the USNM key out to sp.1. The fully winged specimens have a transverse hyaline band that narrows medially significantly, either altering the band to an hourglass shape, or even fully interrupting it, and the scutum shades to yellow laterally, while in sp. 1 the hyaline band narrows only a little, and the scutum is completely dark.



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