May 2018
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1 Body color golden brown; wing remnant distinctly elongate ………….…. myrmicoides
1’ Body color shiny black; wing remnant only slightly longer than broad ………..…….. 2

2(1) Scutellum rounded, well elevated over metanotum  …………………….….….  sp. 1
2’ Scutellum flat, almost level with metanotum……..…….……………..…..……… sp.  2


Sp. 1: Inyo, Lassen, Marin, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo (CSCA, RLZC, UCR); possibly Los Angeles (UCR?)?
Sp. 2: Lassen (RLZC); Santa Barbara (SBBG); possibly Los Angeles (UCR)?


Nearctic species and distributions

dennoi Gordh & Trjapitzin, 1980: USA (NJ)
elegans (Gordh & Trjaptzin, 1978) (in Trjapitzin & Gordh, 1978): USA (GA)
myrmicoides Compere & Zinna, 1955: Introduced to USA (CA)
niger (Ashmead, 1888): USA (FL)
scapus (Gordh & Trjapitzin, 1980): MEX (Hidalgo)
wheeleri (Ashmead, 1904): USA (TX)



Noyes (2016), citing De Santis (1979),  reported H. myrmicoides from Mexico, but the latter work only lists this species from Trinidad & Tobago. Trjapitzin (1998) presented a key to the world species of the genus. Specimens of H. dennoi, H. elegans and H. scapus from the USNM did not key out in the above key. The holotype of H. niger is represented only by legs still attached to a point.



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