Museum Staff

Please send all loan, data, and visitor inquiries to Peter Oboyski

Kipling Will, Director
kipwill[at], 510-642-4296

Rosemary Gillespie, Associate Director
gillespie[at], 510-642-3445

Jerry Powell, Director Emeritus
powellj[at], 510-643-0804

Peter Oboyski, Curatorial Supervisor / Collections Manager[at], 510-643-0804

Deanna Jackson, Museum Scientist / Outreach
oxyjack[at], 510-643-0804

Bob Zuparko, Curatorial Assistant
rz[at], 510-643-0804

Roberta Brett, Curatorial Assistant

Casey Hubble, Curatorial Assistant

Andre Szejner Sigal, Graduate Student Curator

Susan Kennedy, Graduate Student Curator

Julian Rasco, Undergraduate Museum Assistant