Faculty Curators

Robert Dudley, Professor IB.
Curator of Insect Biomechanics
Research Interests: Insect flight biomechanics, the origins of aerial behavior in hexapods, and the ecophysiology of butterfly migrations.
wings[at]socrates.berkeley.edu, (510) 642-1555

Paul Fine Assistant Professor IB.
Curator of Neotropical Phytophagous Insect Ecology and Evolution.
Research Interests: Phytophagous insects on the plant family Burseraceae and phytophagous insect communities of forests in Peru, Brazil and French Guiana.
paulfine[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 642-7690

Brian Fisher, Curator of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences.
Research Interests: Systematics and taxonomy of Ants

Gordon Frankie, Professor ESPM.
Curator of California Bee Pollinator Systems.
Research Interests: Native bee-flower-people relationships and pollination ecology in urban, agricultural, and wild lands and bee taxonomy.
gwfrankie[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 642-0973

Robert Full, Professor IB.
Curator of Insect Comparative Biomechanics.
Research Interests: Arthropod locomotion as it relates to a structure, physiology, and behavior.
Rjfull[at]Berkeley.edu, (510) 642-9896

Charles Griswold, Emeritus Curator of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences
Research Interests: Systematics and taxonomy of Spiders

David Kavanaugh, Emeritus Curator of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences
Research Interests: Systematics and taxonomy of Coleoptera

Claire Kremen, Professor ESPM.
Curator of Insect Conservation Biology.
Research Interests: Mechanisms for slowing or preventing the loss of biodiversity.
ckremen[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 643-6339

Robert Lane, Professor of the Graduate School.
Curator of Ticks and other Medically Important Arthropods.
Research Interests: Biology of ticks, and the ecology epidemiology and prevention of tick—borne diseases, particularly Lyme disease.
blane[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 642-4385

Vernard Lewis, Cooperative Extension Specialist Emeritus.
Curator of Household and Structural Insect Pests.
Research Interest: Urban insect pests, particularly, termites and bed bugs, especially the testing of the latest detection and control techniques.
urbanpests[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 665-6724

Nicholas Mills, Professor ESPM.
Curator of Biological Control.
Research Interests: Invasive species, biological control, population ecology and insect biology.
nmills[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 642-1711

Nipam Patel, Professor IB and MCB.
Curator of Insect Development.
Research Interests: evolution of developmental mechanisms with a focus on the genes that regulate segmentation and regionalization of the arthropod body plan.
nipam[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 643-4605

Jerry Powell, Professor of the Graduate School
Curator of Lepidoptera
Research Interests: biodiversity, taxonomy, and systematics of insects, especially microlepidoptera.
powellj[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 643-0804

Alexander Purcell, Professor Emeritus ESPM.
Curator of Insect Plant Disease Vectors.
Research Interests: Microbial ecology of sap—feeding insects with respect to insect vectors of bacterial plant pathogens, bacterial symbionts and pathogens of Hemiptera.
ahpurcell[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 457-8443

Vincent Resh, Professor Emeritus ESPM.
Curator of Aquatic Insects.
Research Interests: Evolutionary biology and ecology of aquatic insects.
resh[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 642-7363

George Roderick, Professor ESPM
Curator of Invasive Arthropods.
Research Interest: Invasion biology, population biology, global change.
roderick[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 643-3326

Neil Tsutsui, Professor ESPM.
Curator of Genetics, Chemical Ecology, and Behavior of Social Insects.
Research Interests: The evolution of communication and behavior of ants and bees. Origin and spread of invasive species.
ntsutsui[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 642-9012

Kipling Will, Associate Professor ESPM
Curator of Carabidae (Coleoptera).
Research Interests: Systematics, Chemical Ecology, Biogeography.
kipwill[at]berkeley.edu, 510-642-4296

Caroline Williams, Assistant Professor IB.
Curator of Insect Functional Ecology and Physiology.
Research Interests: Mechanisms and consequences of insect responses to emerging winter environments.
cmw[at]berkeley.edu, (510) 643-9775