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Ken Hagen

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Leave your mark! Or honor family, friends, or a mentor, by adopting a specimen drawer at the Essig Museum. Alumni, add your year of graduation. Choose your favorite insect group and make a donation through our Give To Cal secure online donation portal. Special exhibit displays (“Oh My” drawers) are available for donations of $1000. Curated drawers in the main collection are available for $500. In the memo/notes field indicate you want to adopt a drawer and we will follow up with you. Your name and/or message will be laser-engraved on a maple plaque.


Richard Arnold – Threatened & Endangered California Insects

Verna Bowie – Rhinoceros beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Gary Buckingham – Exotic butterflies (Lepidoptera)

Carla Cicero – Birdwing butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)

Andy Coblentz – Acorn weevils (Curculio occidentis, Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Ephraim Cohen (1939 – 2020) – Codling moth (Cydia pomonella, Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Howell V. Daly (1933-2018) – Cosmopolitan bee (Ceratina sp., Hymenoptera, Apidae)

Augustine de Dompsure – California Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera)

Hubert de Dompsure – Camouflage (Insecta)

Joséphine de Dompsure – California butteflies (Lepidoptera)

Mason Estes – Structural color (Lepidoptera & Coleoptera)

Louis Falcon & Arthur Berlowtiz – Corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea, Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Maria Alice Garcia & Paul da Silva

Jutta & Gordon Frankie – California bees (Hymenoptera: Anthophila)

Jutta & Gordon Frankie – Costa Rica bees (Hymenoptera: Anthophila)

Kenneth Hagen (1919 – 1997) – Convergent lady beetle (Hippodamia convirgens, Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Bob Lane – Deer flies (Chrysops hirsuticallus, Diptera: Tabanidae)

Bob Lane – Mourning cloak butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa, Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)

Eric McElravy (1946 – 2014) – True bugs (Hemiptera)

Ron McGinley (1950-2023)Lasioglossum (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

Dan Oppenheimer & Sarah Tunik – Blister beetles (Coleoptera: Meloidae)

Larry Orsak (1953 – 2017) – Spotless lady beetles (Cycloneda spp., Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Chris Otahal & Mary Norton – Golden northern bumble bee (Bombus fervidus, Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Chris Otahal & Mary Norton – Venusta longhorned bee (Protohalonia venusta, Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Chris Otahal & Mary Norton – Blood bees (Sphecodes spp., Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

Chris Otahal & Mary NortonPseudogaurax signatus (Diptera: Chloropidae)

Jerry Powell (1933 – 2023) – Yucca flowers and yucca moths (Lepidoptera: Prodoxidae)

Jerry Powell (1933 – 2023)Ethmia (Lepidoptera: Depressariidae)

Graduate Students in the Resh Lab of Aquatic Ecology – Dragonflies & damselflies (Odonata)

Vince & Cheryl Resh – Egyption scarab beetles

Vince & Cheryl Resh – Caddisflies (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae)

Vince & Cheryl Resh – Grasshoppers and their kin (Orthopteroids)

Valle Rogers – Beetles (Coleoptera)

David Rosenberg (1943 – 2021) – midges / bloodworms (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Marianne Stam-Sham – Forensic Entomology

Bernhard Statzner (1948-2020) – creeping water bugs (Hemiptera: Naucoridae)

Daniel Sullivan, S.J. (1928 – 2019) – Encyrtid wasps (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Maurice (1931- 2014) & Kady TauberMeleoma (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

Gary Ulrich (1943 – 2000) – Click beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae: Pityobiinae)

David L. Wood (1931 – 2024) – Pine engraver (Ips pini, Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae)